​​​​​​​Whiplash is a condition associated with car accidents, usually occurring from being hit from behind. The mechanism of injury involves the sudden acceleration of the neck(forward motion)followed by the deceleration (backward motion)as the neck snaps back. Because of the larger mass of the skull compared to the neck, injuries to the bones and soft tissue are common after even minor fender benders. The ligaments, muscles, discs, and joints of the neck are all subject to stress during this type of injury and can all be damaged during a car accident. The spinal bones in the neck or back can be knocked out of alignment from the force of the injury, and this can lead to bulging or herniation of the discs. This can then cause symptoms of a pinched nerve.

Headaches, dizziness, lower back pain, and numbness in the arms or legs are also symptoms associated with car accident injuries. Sometimes the pain from a car accident is not evident immediately following the accident, and it is not uncommon for symptoms to appear 48-72 hours afterward. It is important to get evaluated at our Middle Island office after being involved in a car accident so we can assess your injuries and get you started on a proper treatment course.

Our Middle Island office is well equipped to treat your car accident injuries. After a thorough exam, we may order imaging studies such as X-Ray or MRIs. We will then concentrate our treatment on pain relief by utilizing ice, heat, ultrasound, TNS, and spinal manipulation. When your pain starts to subside we will direct treatment to rehabilitate injured muscles. This may involve EMS, Proprioceptive exercises, and traction techniques. This period of care can last for 1-2 months depending on the severity of the injury.

If you are seeking legal representation we can recommend lawyers we work with who are experts in car accident cases. We will make sure all your No-Fault forms are properly filled out so you can get the care and compensation you need. Don't waste time after an accident seeking treatment. The longer you are untreated the more chronic your pain will become and more difficult to treat.

Chiropractic care has been effective in treating these injuries due to the fact that it stresses mobilization and exercise to restore function and reduce pain. If you have been injured in a car accident call us today to get an evaluation. We are your source for car accident treatment in Middle Island, Coram, Yaphank, Rocky Point, Ridge, and Gordon Heights

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