Lupo Saladino Chiropractic Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Lupo Saladino Chiropractic

"I have avoided Chiropractors my entire life - I had this "thing" about them based on a bad experience a good friend had many years ago. A few months ago I did something to my back to the point where the pain was unbearable. I "gave in" and went to see Dr. Lupo based on a recommendation from a friend. I honestly wish I did this years ago. The experience has been nothing short of amazing, my immediate pain was relieved after the first session, and after routine ongoing visits my back has literally not felt this good in years. Both Dr. Lupo and Dr. Saladino are awesome - they take their time with you, answer any questions, and it's one of the most laid back/comfortable environments you could ask for."

Dave P.

"I've been going to Drs. Lupo & Saladino for 19 years to treat my back pain. They know exactly what to do for my specific issues and I feel relief immediately. They are truly caring and compassionate and I’m very happy with my treatments. I had tried other chiropractors when I had moved farther away but they couldn’t even compare. It’s worth the trip for me and Dr. Lupo delivers every time. I highly recommend their practice."

Maggie M.

"I have been going to Dr. Lupo and Dr. Saladino for about 10 years now after I was involved in a car accident. They not only provide the best services and make sure you walk out of there feeling great, but they are both truly amazing people. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help"

Heather F.

"Drs. Lupo & Saladino are the most caring and professional chiropractors that I have ever been to. They really make you feel welcome. They are very thorough and make sure that you leave their office feeling great. I started seeing them after a car accident in 2017 and I have continued to go whenever I have any aches or soreness. I can’t recommend them enough. You won’t be disappointed!"

Falen F.

"I've been going to Dr. Lupo & Dr. Saladino for treatments twice a week for over 3 years. They are both wonderful chiropractors. They are kind, caring, compassionate, understanding, friendly, & professional. They will do all they can to help a patient & also suggest other outlets for our aches, pains, & ailments. Dr. Lupo & Dr. Saladino can actually find a patient's aches & pains on their own. They are that good! I can always get an appointment quickly, and there is never a long wait in the waiting room. Doctor appointments can be a real "chore", but appointments with Dr. Lupo & Dr. Saladino are a pleasure. No stress! I would definitely recommend Dr. Lupo & Dr. Saladino to anyone who needs to see a chiropractor."


"Dr. Lupo and Dr. Saladino are excellent in every way. They actually take there time to listen to there patients to solve the problems. Both doctors are skilled experts. I highly recommend both doctors."

Deborah B.

"Very friendly staff. Office is always clean and comfortable. Definitely recommend this chiropractor."

Edward D.

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