Diversified Technique

This technique is the most widely used by Middle island Chiropractors. It involves feeling areas of the spine where the joint is hypermobile or not moving enough. A high-velocity low amplitude thrust is provided to the joint to move it back to its normal motion. When this occurs a clicking sound is usually but not always heard.

The reason restoring joint mobility is important is because it increases the motion of the segment so your neck or back moves better, and it also stimulates pain inhibiting nerve fibers in the joints. This is why getting adjusted usually causes an immediate sense of pain relief.

This technique is painless and very effective for your spinal problems. After you get adjusted by diversified technique your joints will be functioning properly and you will start to experience decreased pain and stiffness. Sometimes we use a gentler form of manipulation called joint mobilization. This just gently takes the joint beyond its active range of motion. If your pain is very severe we may use this technique until you are able to tolerate spinal manipulation

​​​​​​​Spinal manipulation also has been shown to release endorphins, which are natural pain inhibitors found in the body.

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