Cancer Fighting diets

Chronic inflammation in the body can cause DNA damage and lead to a variety of diseases lik bowel disease,celiac diabetes, RA and cancer. this article will focus on your bodys ability to ward off disease when infkammation is reduced. If you are cyrrently battling cancer,have had it and are in remission of just want to keep your body in prime shape to reduce your chances of getting cancer-read on
One of the best ways to reduce inflammation in the body is not found in the medicine cabinet but in the refrigerator. What is an anti-inflammatory diet? Whenever the body detects a foreign invader such as chemicals, allergens, bacteria your immune system becomes activated to protect against these invaders, and bouts of inflammation allow the body to fight these invaders.

​​​​​​​Foods that include fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and healthy oils such as olive and sunflower, can bring down inflammation. Foods that should be eliminated include soda, refined carbohydrates, candy, and red or processed meats and dairy should be limited. The standard Mediterranean diet is made up of most healthy anti-inflammatory foods, and countries that use this type of diet have a much lower incidence of chronic inflammatory diseases. Heart disease,diabetes, high cholesterol and irritable bowel disease are just a few conditions that can be helped by this type of diet
Some standard types of substitutions include:
Use olive oil only, no cannola,vegetable or corn oil
Fruits like starberries,blueberries,grapes and oranges are rich in Anti Inflammmatory products
Eliminate cheese,milk,yogurt-use coconut or cashew milk as a substitute
Increase fish intake-especially salmon,tuna,sardines for ther omega 3 properties
Have 3-4 servings of vegetables /day-the most cancer fighting include the cruciferous types-broccoli,cauliflower,kale,brussel sprouts and bok choy.
When your body is functioning at its optimal level it is best in warding off diseases like cancer

Speak to the doctors about a diet that would be most beneficial for you whether you have health issues or just want to keep a preventative approach.

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